The world's most expensive motorcycle

Bucherer-Harley Davidson co-produced the world's most expensive motorcycle. The motorcycle, which used 360 diamonds and each detail was gold-plated, was the first to sign.

Bucherer and Harley Davidson, one of the world's longest jewelers and watchmakers, unveiled the world's most expensive motorcycle. The model, which is produced by hand work, from each screw to its rims, appeared with 2,500 hours of work.


Harley Davidson Blue Edition model introduced in the name of the price of $ 1.79 million (8.2 million pounds). Every detail of the motosikletin with 360 diamonds on it, even the screwed gold-plated. The motorcycle, which uses gold plating even in the parts inside the engine, is also signing a principle. For the first time in the world, Blue Edition uses LED lights inside the engine, and it is also the first motorcycle to have a lighting system.


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