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The new X5 showed his face

Wednesday, June 6, 2018
As of May we start to hear footsteps much clearer, the new BMW X5 is aimed at extending the limits of freedom by moving away from the urban character a bit further.

In the new model, where we started to get the first details through camouflaged visuals in the past month, BMW has set a very precise roadmap to increase the luxury sensation, emphasizing more of the talents in driving the terrain. Especially kokpitte materials used in the replacement of the new X5, chrome and piano black touches are remarkable. If we look at the digital drive screen behind the steering wheel, we can say that it is one of the basic parts that will directly affect the user experience in the new generation.

Before making the difference about the design of the 2019 BMW X5, it is necessary to specify in what position it is situated in the previous version. The vehicle, which has a 360-degree display, is 36 millimeters in length, 66 millimeters in width, 19 millimeters in height and 42 millimeters in axle distance. The biggest share of this improvement that will also affect the use of the interior is changing body panels. On the outside, the size of the chrome kidney grille is noticeable from the very first moment, and the airbags in the front bumper and the new generation headlight group undertake the main task. At the rear, the LED lamps are the key to bringing the new Ford Fiesta to life with chrome-plated exhausts and spoilers.

The change of the new X5 is definitely kokpitte. As we mentioned at the beginning, BMW has taken a step up in the quality of the materials used here, and it shows the compatibility with the new steering wheel and digital screens. There is no doubt that the added lighting of the ambience, along with the car, will take the quality of night driving a step further with digital screens. For the time being, the range of active assistants who are interfering with blind spot warning, lane follow-up and warning, front and rear collision warning, pedestrian detection, traffic assistant and steering are foremost in the electronic assistant list. Engine options Users who want to have the new BMW X5 will see diesel and petrol engine options in the first step. The 3.0 liter inline six cylinder with 340 PS power and 450 Nm of torque will be the entry level this time. The 4.4-liter V8 with twin-turbo is powered by 462 horsepower and 649 Nm of torque. At the entrance of the diesel foot of the medallion is a 3.0 liter six-cylinder machine. Producing 265 PS of power and 620 Nm of torque, this engine will be accompanied by a more power option that produces 400 PS of power and 760 Nm of torque. According to BMW's award, this four-turbo-powered engine can increase the vehicle from 0 to 100 in 5.2 seconds. BMW will offer 8-speed automatic transmissions and four-wheel-drive infrastructures in all versions, which will plug-in hybrid and M versions in the future. Let's talk about the land package, which is one of the most fundamental differences of this generation, according to our past performance. With this package, BMW has added an auto-mobile air suspension set and a limited-slip differential lock as standard, adding to the digital screen to make it easier to track vehicle functions during off-road driving. From here the users will have the possibility of coordination between the power transmission values ​​and the driving modes such as gravel, rock, sand and snow. The structure, which brings an additional height of 40 millimeters compared to the standard version, will also be able to cope with harder terrain conditions on this. The price information of the 2019 BMW X5, which will start to show its shape in the American market towards the end of this year, will only be available in the near future.

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