One of Ferrari's most loyal customers öfrom SP38, prepared entirely by the customer
only 1 piece was produced. Custom SP38, Ferrari 488 infrastructure, the legendary Ferrari 308 GTB and F40 models. Design features at ATIF, high handwork and engineering level. Ferrari SP38, near Lake Como in Italy the traditional Concorso d'Eleganza will take place at the Villa d'Este event will meet for the first time with automobile enthusiasts.

The legendary Italian brand Ferrari, called "One-Off" and personalized
the most prominent part of the automobile program produced.
For one of Ferrari's passionate, loyal customers,
Ferrari SP38, which is designed in the direction of the customers and produced only 1 piece, Fiorano. By Ferrari Design Center while the developed car's infrastructure is taken from the 488 GTB, dual turbocharged petrol engine used.
The overall design of the SP38 with three layers of special red color
the masculine lines in its language, the Ferrari F40, which prints its name for automotive history, when sending, the layers on the motor are. Front buffer extension developed from carbon fiber, marşpiyel
and the SP38, which draws attention with its diffuser, reminds of the F50. Inner
where valuable materials are used in the space, high hand crafted
Ferrari SP38, traditional classic car on Lake Como in Italy
festival Concorso d'Eleganza for the first time with Villa d'Este car enthusiasts
It will meet.