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Lamborghini's new plan is clear

Wednesday, June 27, 2018
In contrast to its competitors, Lamborghini, which continues to use atmospheric motors in most models, decided to electrify its V10 and V12 units.

The company plans to continue its approach to turbocharged engines, aiming to electrify the product range in order to reduce the emission values ​​of automobiles and increase their performance. Maurizio Reggiani, one of Lamborghini's technical directors, stated his intention was to resist any future consideration to reduce cylinder capacity. Reggiani; "Every car has a mission and you have to choose the right engine for it, but we will continue to use a turbocharged engine for Urus, but we will continue to use atmospheric aspirated engines in our super-sports cars and we will have to reduce our fuel consumption and emission values ​​in the future. It will be a good answer for. " said.


Regciani gave a hint that a powered Aventador could show the face before, as Autocar TR reported that in 2022 it will be revealed with the plug-in hybrid system of the new model that will take Huracan's place. "We have to be able to recover without losing such an icon (Aventador), carbon black parts, atmospheric V12 engine and other characteristics, I am looking forward to having a hybrid system, but how can we compensate for the battery weight?" Maurizio Reggiani stressed the weight problem.

Reggiani insists on the atmospheric V10 engine unit for Huracan; "Why should I need to do something different if I trust atmospheric motors why do I use V8 or V6 units? I am Lamborghini.I want to stay at the top of my super-sports cars and stay where I am . " said.

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