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Lamborghini Aventador S updated

Tuesday, June 5, 2018
Lamborghini, one of the leading Italian automobile brands, was introduced for new owners after the changes they made on the Aventador S model.

In general, the car is getting more and more gentle with the renewed engine, small design changes and a few added features on the inside comes up against the enthusiasts.

The front and rear bumpers of the car have changed with the new design. The carbon fiber inserts, starting from the front, extend sideways to complement the rear diffuser. The rear diffuser is accompanied by a completely refreshed exhaust outlet with renewed design. At the front, there are 255/30 tires with 20-inch wheels and 21-inch wheels at the rear with 355/25 tires.

Interior design

When looking at the interior of the vehicle, the interior design matches the car's bonnet color. Kokpitte added special details to the doorways, and even the seats, with the slightest details in mind. The center console, display frame and door handles are covered with carbon fiber. Another noteworthy feature of the interior is the renewed face of the digital instrument panel. The graphics have been rearranged to give a more sporty look. On the other hand, with a driving mode called STRADA, SPORT and CORSA, this vehicle also added a driving mode called EGO. With the complex personalized driving dynamics, you can steer the 2017 Aventador S as you wish.

Technical Specifications and Performance

Aerodynamic structure

Weight per 1 ps 2.13 kg and weight distribution 43 (front) / 57 (rear)

All-wheel drive system

6.5 liter V12 petrol engine powered up to 40 PS

6-piston, 4-piston carbon ceramic braking system at the rear

Engine: 6.5 lt V12 740 ps 690 nm torque

Gearbox: 7 advanced ISR

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