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Karoq comments from Skoda students

Saturday, June 9, 2018
A total of 23 students from 7 different departments attended the Škoda Vocational School located in Skoda's own home in Mlada Boleslav, Czech Republic, for about 8 weeks on Karoq, a compact SUV model of great interest. During this study, the students who were separated from the teams also received the professions in external design, mechanics, interior and engineering, and the necessary information to transform their ideas into reality.

While the width, length and gauge of the car did not change, the 1.5-liter gasoline TSI engine retained its position under the hood. Nevertheless, students who cut the car's ceiling redesigned the A and B pillars as well as the doors. Students who completely redesigned the rear part of the car placed an entirely new baggage. While the car was rewarded with a different red color, new furnishings with red and white domes were used in the interior. The illuminated "Skoda" text reflected from the front doors of the vehicle was likewise reflected from the front and rear bumpers.

And finally, when the job came up with a new name, the students did a little research on Facebook for it. And within the hundreds of offers sent by Škoda customers, the name "Sunroq" seemed appropriate because it represented the sun and cabriolet.

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