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Hyundai slips arms for car without driver

Saturday, June 2, 2018
The Hyundai brand is investing heavily in electric motor technology and driverless automobile technology this year. The brand cares about producing concept cars that will guide the future.

Focusing on autonomous driving by allocating a significant share of the annual AR-GE budget, Hyundai introduced an important project in the past January.

Here is the details of that project and Hyundai's driverless car technology:

The Hyundai brand took part in the CES Technology Fair in Las Vegas in early January 2018. The brand introduced a model called NEXO at the 2018 Las Vegas CES Technology Fair.

The Hyundai NEXO model is a fuel-cell electric vehicle. The first experiment with NEXO was to cross 190km between Seoul and Pyeongchang.

With autonomous driving technology, the Hyundai NEXO model completes a 190km path between Seoul and Pyeongchang without error.

Officials say the vehicle has LEVEL4 autonomous driving technology. Hyundai has confirmed its driverless car technology.

Otomobille related plans are expected to go out in 2021 as big cities.

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