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Demand for electric cars has intensified

Saturday, June 2, 2018
Manufacturers who are steering the automotive sector already announced their long-term plans for electric vehicles, and in 2017, over one million electric-to-rechargeable hybrid automobile sales worldwide have been announced, exceeding 1 million.

Electric car sales hit record in 2017!
According to the report released by the International Energy Agency, the biggest increase in electric car sales (57 percent) was provided by China. Because more than half of the 1.1 million vehicles sold in the world last year (580,000) were sold in China. In general, electric cars accounted for 2.2 percent of China's exports last year.

One of the biggest reasons for focusing on electric vehicles in China is the prevention of air pollution. For this reason, China only injected more than twice as many electric or hybrid vehicles as the world's second largest market, by 2017, in traffic.

The number of electric vehicles on Earth has exceeded 3.1 million by the end of last year. China alone hosts 40 percent of this number. In Norway, where the most progress is made in this area, about 39 percent of new vehicles sold are electric vehicles.

In Iceland and Sweden, 11.7% and 6.3% of sales are made up of electric vehicles. In addition, the number of electric cars is increasing rapidly in cars as well as in two-wheel vehicles and buses. Last year, sales of electric buses in the world reached 100,000 and sales of two-wheeled vehicles reached 30 million.
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