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Autonomous countries ready to drive

Saturday, June 23, 2018
KPMG explored how ready the world is for autonomous vehicles. According to the prepared index; politics and legislation, infrastructure, technology and innovation, consumer acceptance criteria.

KPMG's 'Autonomous Vehicle Preparedness Index' examines the readiness of the 20 countries that are driving the global economy and global brands in the automotive industry to the autonomous vehicle world.

The index was prepared by taking into consideration the criteria of 'policy and legislation', 'technology and innovation', 'infrastructure' and 'consumer acceptance' which will initiate the autonomous vehicle cycle in the countries. The first five are the Netherlands, Singapore, the United States, Sweden and the United Kingdom. Germany ranks 6th. Japan could take the 11th place in the preparatory rank but the UAE is in the top 10 in the 8th place. The index, which assesses 20 countries, includes Russia, Mexico and India in the last three.

The autonomous vehicles preparation index is as follows:

Good roads in Holland, a high number of car charging stations and high-quality wireless network connectivity make it the first place in the country for infrastructure. In the Netherlands, the state gives maximum support for legal regulations on autonomous vehicles. The use of electric vehicles, which is still very common in the country, makes the Dutch people ready for the transition to autonomous driving. The Netherlands's most backward-looking title, technology and innovation. But with this score, many technology are leaving behind the giant.


- Singapore, which makes first place in the Netherlands with a small difference, is at the forefront of legal regulations and consumer acceptance. Singapore was a pioneer in 2017 by legalizing public vehicle road testing of driverless vehicles. Singapore's high roads and wireless networking advantages. However, the scarcity of electric vehicle charging stations is reducing the infrastructure score of this country. The technology center, the number of patent applications and the lack of a research center negatively affect the 'technology and innovation' score.


The US, which is third in the list, has a unique position in the world of autonomous vehicle technology. 163 centers of research and development and production of autonomous vehicles in the world are in the United States. The US driver is very excited about the autonomous vehicles, but he is concerned about the confusion about how to implement.

Sweden, which produces a world brand in automotive, is leading the way in autonomous vehicle technology similar to the US. Controlled autonomous driving experiments are being conducted in the country starting from 2017. The government's support in this regard is moving Sweden to the top five.


- The United Kingdom has high scores on all three criteria except infrastructure. However, the elderly country of the elderly is only in fifth place due to infrastructure difficulties. The legal regulations on autonomous driving in the UK are almost the best in Europe. There is no need for any legal remedy regarding the public testing of autonomous vehicles in the country.


- United Arab Emirates, ranked eighth in the list, has the best road qualities among the 20 countries. With this feature, the United Arab Emirates, which has surpassed many European countries, has a top-ranking rise if it attacks in technology and innovation.


-The technology giant Japan can not enter the top 10 because of the 'traditionalist' structure. In Japan, which is very difficult to regulate, regulators are not eager to switch to autonomous means. Japan is lagging behind many European countries in terms of technology and innovation.

China, the second largest economy in the world, ranks fourth in the index. Almost the only increase in China, which is quite back in terms of infrastructure, technology and legal processes, is the fact that there are a lot of electric car charging stations in the country.


-It's India at the end of the list. The inadequacy of road quality and infrastructure, the lack of investment in technology and innovation on this area, pushes India to 20th place in turn, the prohibition on traffic of autonomous vehicles in addition to the reluctance of drivers.

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