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Volvo Cars to offer new Volvo S60 model without diesel engine option

Friday, May 18, 2018
The new Volvo S60 will be available for sale with Volvo Cars' only electric hybrid engine, plug-in-hybrid or battery-powered motors. The new Volvo S60 will be the first Volvo ever to be produced without the diesel engine option, emphasizing the commitment of a long-term future beyond the traditional internal combustion engine of Volvo Cars.

As of 2019, every new Volvo model will be sold as a mild-hybrid, plug-in-hibryd or battery-powered vehicle. With this approach, which means the most comprehensive strategy to prepare for future electric cars in the automobile industry Volvo Cars began to take the first steps in the July 2017 commitment to electric cars. "Future electric cars and will no longer new-generation diesel engine development," says Volvo Cars CEO Håkan Samuelsson, the words continued as follows: "Full power while coming to the right path with the car, we will replace the internal combustion engine options also mild with hybrid engines. The new Volvo S60 will be the first representative of this strategy. "Last month, Volvo Cars 50 percent of global sales by 2025 had made a statement that aims to create a fully electric car sales. The brand made this statement at the Beijing Auto Show in 2018, thus consolidating the world's leading electric car market presence in China. What is new is the premium mid-size sedan representatives of the Volvo S60, Volvo's award-winning new 90 and 60 series, which also proved its use and success Scalable Product Architecture (Scalable Product Architecture - SPA) is rising on. The new Volvo S60 station body version, the V60, was introduced earlier this year in Stockholm. The new Volvo S60 will initially be available for purchase with four-cylinder Drive-E petrol engines and two petrol plug-in hybrid engines. Mild hybrid versions will be available for sale next year. The production of the new Volvo S60 will begin this autumn at a brand new production facility in Volvo Cars, Charleston, South Carolina. The Charleston factory will be the only plant to produce the new Volvo S60, so that American production S60s will be sold both in the US and exported to the ocean.

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