Kia will start with the Sportage Ecodynamics + model, which will use electric diesel engines with electrification plans.

The South Korean car maker electrifies the 5-seat c. The car, which will use the company's 48V architecture, will carry 48V lithium-ion batteries, which will be seen in other Kia models in the future. Kia said that these batteries, which will initially produce 13 hp power, will be charged with energy generated during braking. In the first place, there will be no change in the engine volumes of the car to be electrified with diesel engine options.

Details are not yet certain, but the Ecodynamics + unit is expected to be compatible with a 12V battery. This system, which will be applied to cars powered by gasoline engines followed by trains, will add 16 new engine units to the South Korean company's product range by 2025.

Kia's electrification projects are expected to introduce a hydrogen-fueled car in 2020.

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