Tesla needs $ 10 billion in capital

Goldman Sachs analyst David Tamberrino reported that the electric car company Tesla needs to find additional capital of $ 10 billion by 2020 to continue its operations.

Tamberrino wrote in his note to the investor that this additional capital requirement could be met by new bonds, convertible bonuses and new stock offerings.

Tamberrino thinks Tesla's CEO, Elon Musk, will not have any difficulty in attracting new investments to his company.

Despite this analysis of Goldman's expectation that Tesla would need new capital, Musk recently spoke on May 2 that the company did not need new sources of funding.


The company's stocks, which recently had difficulties with deliveries of the Model 3 and were forced to fulfill their commitments to vehicle owners, were also affected. The decline in Tesla stocks, which lost 8 percent to $ 286 since the beginning of the year, may continue even faster.

Goldman analyst Tamberrino said the stocks could go back down to 195 dollars in the next six months. Analysts say that these forecasts will be 31 percent lower.

Tesla's market value is now at $ 48.6 billion.

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