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Porsche Cayenne goes on E-Hybrid roads

Monday, May 7, 2018
Porsche's new Cayenne E-Hybrid, which further expands the hybrid vehicle range, is the most ambitious of its class in terms of driving dynamics and efficiency.

The 3-liter V6 engine (250 kW / 340 hp) and the electric motor (100 kW / 136 hp) deliver 340 kW (462 hp) in total, with a maximum torque rating of 700 Nm. Cayenne's plug-in hybrid drive system achieves a speed of 0 km / h to 100 km / h in 5.0 seconds, with a maximum speed of 253 km / h. Using only electricity, the new Cayenne E-Hybrid can travel 44 kilometers an hour and reach 135 kilometers. Depending on the tires used, the average fuel consumption in the New European Driving Cycle (NEDC) is 3.4 to 3.2 liters at 100 kilometers and 20.9 to 20.6 kWh.

Porsche has also introduced new comfort and driving support systems with the Cayenne E-Hybrid; additional options such as the new overhead display, massage seats and 22-inch wheels made of lightweight metal are starting to be used for all Cayenne series.

468 horsepower engine power with 918 Spyder model Boost concept

The new stop on Porsche's e-mobility journey is the Cayenne E-Hybrid. Inspired by the new model and ultra-powerful 918 Spyder, the boost strategy is one of the new additions. In this way, the electric motor is used in all standard driving modes of the Sport Chrono Package for additional performance enhancement, and the maximum engine torque is achieved when the accelerator pedal is depressed. Depending on driving conditions and performance requirements, the drivers can continue to benefit from boost support at all speed options and get a much more agile, superior driving experience. Boost support and battery charge capacity during the journey vary according to the driving mode. In the performance-focused Sport and Sport Plus modes, almost all of the battery's power can be boosted. While in Sport mode, the battery is charging until it is needed for a new boost. In Sport Plus mode, the battery is recharged as quickly as possible. In other modes, maximum driving efficiency is supported.

Porsche Connect application and charging with Porsche Charging Service

The distance that the Cayenne E-Hybrid can reach with electricity and boost sources with increased battery capacity has increased substantially. Compared to the previous model, the capacity increased from 10.8 to 14.1 kWh with an increase of close to 30 percent. At the back of the car, under the luggage compartment, the liquid-cooled battery consists of eight cell modules, each with 13 prismatic lithium ion cells. The high-tension battery can be fully charged within 7.8 hours with a 230-volt to 10-amp connection. If the optional 3.6 kW charging mechanism is used instead of the standard 3.6 kW charging mechanism, the battery will "fully charge" again after only 2.30 hours if a 230 V to 32 V connection is used.

Charging can be managed and monitored remotely with Porsche Connect using Porsche Communication Management (PCM). Heating and ventilation etc. when the ignition is off. While the independent climate control is standard in the pakette, it can be controlled individually with smartphones. Porsche Connect can also be used to find and filter charging stations and set them as destinations on the navigation. The new Porsche Charging Service also provides access to public open-air charging stations for all service providers without having to register with the respective service provider. This charge is directly billed to the Porsche ID account.

The new hybrid module and the quick-change Tiptronic S

Porsche redesigned the Cayenne E-Hybrid's driving system. The hybrid module consists of an extremely well-integrated combination of electric motor and clutch disco. Compared to the old electrohydraulic system, the clutch disc is electromechanically operated, resulting in a faster response time. The transmission is equipped with a new Tiptronic S, developed for all eight-speed Cayenne models. This automatic gearbox allows the vehicle to be launched in a more comfortable and smooth way, while gear shifting is also accelerating significantly. During shifts, the traction in the traction is also reduced.

Four-wheel drive system with active hang-on and 3.5 tonne trailer load

Along with Porsche Traction Management (PTM), the Cayenne E-Hybrid has an active hang-on four-wheel-drive system electronically organized and with multiple clutch discs. With its wide torque distribution, this system offers superior benefits in terms of driving dynamics, agility, traction control and off-road capabilities. Thanks to the brand-new chassis of the Cayenne E-Hybrid, the same sports car as all the models in the new Cayenne generation provides driving dynamics.

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