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Nissan Leaf receives 5 stars from Euro NCAP

Thursday, May 3, 2018
Nissan Leaf left the Euro NCAP with a full score, taking 5 stars from crash tests in different categories. 93% of adult protection category and 86% of child protection category. With these results, the most robust family in the segment was also the owner of the hatchback car title.

Nissan Leaf has also noted the importance of bicycles in the test, which the automatic emergency braking system (AEB) has successfully passed. Euro NCAP Board Member Robbert Verweij for testing; "We did the first Euro NCAP test for the Nissan Leaf, where the AEB system was tested with cyclists. This is proof of how much we care about the safety of people. " Leaf achieved 71% success in the category of security systems with the equipment it possesses.

Euro NCAP's new test procedures include inspecting pedestrian detection and strip tracking systems in low light.

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