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Nissan Leaf got a full note from EuroNCAP

Friday, May 18, 2018
European New Vehicle Assessment Program EuroNCAP has awarded the new Nissan Leaf with 5 stars. Tested according to Euro NCAP's 2018 evaluation criteria, the new Nissan Leaf was the "first" electric vehicle, which was able to get a full rating of 5 stars in crash tests.


According to Nissan's statement, the new Nissan Leaf was the "first" car to be evaluated in critical crash tests, including Euro NCAP's expanding coverage for 2018, but not limited to vehicles, and bikes with ever-increasing number of bikes.

In these extended tests of Euro NCAP, which identified key real-life accident scenarios that could cause injuries to determine the level of safety of vehicles, the New Nissan Leaf received 93 percent of adult protection and 86 percent of child protection.


Complementing the crash test with 5 stars under the influence of advanced driving support systems, the new Nissan Leaf offers a safer ride with ProPILOT system, which has proven Nissan's success and stands out with its comprehensive features.

This result of Euro NCAP demonstrates that the new Nissan Leaf, with its exceptional safety standards, is a true pioneer in the field of electric vehicles and that users can fully rely on the vision of Nissan Intelligent Mobility.

The new Nissan Leaf completed the rigorous testing of the Japan New Automobile Assessment Program, complete with EuroNCAP's 5-star rating.

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