One of the first things Mercedes is working on is that the brand is now considered an advanced version of the Magic Body Control system. Maybach chief engineer Jurgen Weissinger told British publisher Autocar that the new camera system will help detect surface changes better and adjust the suspension character accordingly for a smoother ride.

Also, according to Weissinger, the new system will provide the car "going as if it is floating along the road".

This is not the only thing Mercedes-Maybach has planned. Weissinger also revealed that the German manufacturer will create a new driver program for drivers.

"We have a special driving program, which means that gear shifting does not happen very often. Thus, the driver can perform smooth driving in a very comfortable and luxurious way. This system works by offering maximum torque without changing gears. "

Mercedes-Maybach recently introduced the Vision Ultimate Luxury concept. This high-powered car has not yet been approved for production, but Mercedes has announced that it is ready to do so if there is sufficient customer demand.

In both cases, the important elements of Vision Ultimate Luxury are expected to go out on a Maybach-branded variant of the Mercedes GLS model.

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