The new Kia Sportage, which has undergone a makeup operation to get a fresh look, was camouflaged by the cameras this time. The new Sportage, which the Korean manufacturer prefers to make minor design updates, is quite similar to the current model in general terms. But the changes made on the front and back sides allow the difference to be revealed.

We can say that the new Kia Sportage is the face of one of the most intense places to change. The new model's front bumper has a new look with new air vents and fog lights, with a design with more angular lines compared to the current model. The chrome ramp that runs along the bumper is also provided to divide the fog lamps in the lower section. While the LED headlights of the car had a new structure, the grill called the tiger nose was brought out a little further than the old one.

Smaller updates have been made on the back of the new Kia Sportage. When the structure of the stop lamps was changed, the chrome tamper that connects them was replaced by a matching red lane with the headlights. The chrome strip carried here is placed between the redesigned reflectors in the buffer section. Apart from these changes, the general structure of the back face is preserved.

There is only one image of the cabin side of the car. But it is difficult to see the changes in full detail because it is not taken from a good angle. We can say that there is a refurbished infotainment system with a bigger frame between the noticeable details.

It is not yet clear what kind of change will be made under the bonnet. However, the Korean manufacturer announced a diesel-light hybrid engine named Ecodynamics + in a written statement yesterday through its official website. This engine was mentioned for the first time in the new Kia Sportage model.

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