J.D Power, which is a global research company in the past and renowned for bringing out the results of research that the automotive world has followed the most, announced a new quality study to show that it is the world's most perfect automobile, the vehicle belonging to the Lexus brand.

After years of Japanese automotive manufacturer Lexus automobile brand produced by Toyoto, Toyota has earned a well-deserved prestige throughout the world. The brand is investing heavily in technology, design and security. The Lexus brand, a continuous, better-targeted vehicle, was chosen as the world's most perfect car brand in recent days.

J.D., a global research firm and renowned for delivering research findings most followed by the automotive world. Power made a new quality study. A total of 36.186 vehicles were examined and a comparison was made for 224 models from different segments. A very detailed user survey surveyed vehicles up to 3 years old. Users were asked about the problems they lived with cars between 0-3 years old. When user experiences were analyzed, it turned out that the most flawless vehicles belonged to the Lexus brand.

The user, who owns a vehicle smaller than 3 years old, was asked a lot of questions from the speed of the car to the speed of the car, from engine, gearbox to seat upholstery, sound system quality to cockpit ergonomics, navigation speed from navigation, seat adjustment from ventilation to luggage volume and loading convenience. The tools were examined in 177 different categories.

The results of the study were found to be at least neglected by the Lexus brand users in the automatic evaluation when entered into the individual system. By the way, the results of the survey with the same number of vehicles revealed that the Lexus brand offered the most perfect user experience that was produced today.

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