Toyota, Prius and C-HR models continue to develop advanced technologies on TNGA. Among the recently announced new technologies are the new CVT transmission technology, a 6-speed manual transmission, a 2.0-liter engine, a 2.0-liter hybrid system and a 4-wheel drive system.

With the new "Direct Shift CVT" gearbox, Toyota will provide higher efficiency, wider working range and more vibrant driving. A special "take-off gear" was installed to increase the fluidity of the CVT gearbox at the initial take-off. The transmission, which also improves the shifting process, offers improved driving comfort with a more direct gear shift. Thus, 20 percent faster than the current system and 6 percent more fuel efficiency is offered.

Especially for the European market, the newly developed 6-speed manual transmission has been lightened by 7 kg and shortened by 24 mm. So he succeeds in attracting attention as one of the world's smallest gearboxes. The smaller dimensions also contribute to lower fuel consumption.

Toyota has succeeded in achieving high thermal efficiency by reducing heat loss in the exhaust and cooling systems and reducing mechanical friction in newly developed 2.0-liter gasoline engines. As a result, the world's best thermal efficiency figures have been achieved. The thermal efficiency of the 2.0 liter hybrid power unit is calculated as 41 percent.

Toyota also introduced two new 4-wheel drive systems. One to be used in petrol engines and the other to be used in hybrid engines. These new systems will enable higher fuel efficiency as well as better traction and off-road capability.

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