A few months ago, Elon Musk signed on to Tesla for 10 years as CEO. Since then, the company has been having a hard time. Shareholders will present Elon Musk from the CEO at an annual meeting in June.

According to the report of Electrek'in owns 12 shares, the proposal was found in this issue. Jing Zhao, one of the shareholders, seems quite clear on this issue. According to the source, Zhao claims that the merger of the President and CEO is beneficial to Tesla in the early stages, as the company is mature.

Jing Zhao says that the international maritime executive board has an independent president, and many large corporations in the United States have applied this situation. Tesla also emphasizes that there should be no exception in this regard. Along with this development, a statement against the chairman of the independent board is also circulating.

Elon Musk, who stated that he lived in the factory, stated that the production will increase in June and the situation will start to recover. Musk aims to produce 6,000 models 3 per week in June.

Despite everything, it is reported that investors have begun to lose their patience. In the past month Tesla's stocks have fallen from $ 304 to around $ 250. It's around $ 286. An analyst has suggested that Tesla's share prices will fall to 84 dollars by 2019.

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