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Diesel vehicle is starting to bans

Thursday, May 24, 2018
Hamburg will be the first major city in Germany to close some roads in the city to old-model diesel-powered vehicles. In the statement made in the Hamburg state senate, it is stated that the ban on transit, adopted in 2017, will be implemented in two routes and the decision is taken by examining the grounds of the decision of the Federal Administrative Court regarding the matter. The ban will apply to private and business vehicles that do not comply with European emission norms. The ban will come into effect on 31 May.

One of the routes covered by non-standard diesel-powered vehicles is 580 meters long and the other 700 meters long. More than 100 boards were hung on the corresponding floors to warn the banned vehicles and show variants they could use.

What about diesel vehicles that are banned in Germany?

Tens of thousands of vehicles to be affected

The Federal Administrative Court ruled in February that lawsuits against Stuttgart and Düsseldorf could prevent high-emission vehicles from being used as a last resort in preventing air pollution. It was also included in the decision that the motor vehicle users should be informed in a timely manner in order to ensure that the ban is proportionate. Hamburg has announced that the busiest routes of the city will be closed to motor vehicles that do not comply with the European emission norm since April.

According to the records of the Federal Motor Vehicles, 264,406 diesel engines licensed in Hamburg, 96 thousand 356 are meeting the highest European emission standard, which is called 'Euro 6'. Cars and trucks with lower norms will not be able to use the two mentioned routes. With 168,000 cars registered to Hamburg, any diesel-powered vehicle arriving outside Hamburg and having the lowest emissions standard will not enter the prohibited roads. Taxis, lifeguards, cargo vehicles and garbage trucks were not included in the application.

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