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Co-decision from BMW, Renault, Ford and GM

Saturday, May 5, 2018
In order to increase the efficiency of payment and data sharing in the automotive and transportation industry, Ford, BMW, GM and Renault have jointly decided to join the MOBI that uses the block chain and started an open research group for the automotive industry.

Four of the world's largest auto makers come together to achieve a first in the automotive industry. BMW, Ford, Renault and General Motors included the Open Block Chain Initiative (MOBI), which includes giants such as IBM and Bosch.

This will enable block-chain technology, bitcoin and other subcoils to be activated in vehicles. The group aims to accelerate adaptation of the main purpose block-chain technology and facilitate the industry in transportation payments. These include taxis and public transport, as well as UBER, Careem, Lyft, etc. There are also tool sharing applications.

BKCM CEO Brian Kelly, a digital asset investor, described automakers' efforts as' extremely interesting ', and a new battlefield for technology companies has emerged:

Amazon, Apple, Google and Microsoft have already made many moves for interactive tools. The Amazon company has expanded Alexa for the automotive industry while Microsoft Azure has introduced the car system and Apple has launched Carplay on iOS. Google's roofing company Alphabet is working on driverless cars with Waymo, which he has built for a long time.

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