Hybrid technology pioneer Toyota, will introduce cars with 10 new electric motor until 2020. In addition to Toyota's 10 electric-powered cars that will be introduced in China for the first time, there will also be external rechargeable Plug-in Hybrid (PHEV) models.

In addition to hybrid cars, Toyota continues to work for electric car production, Toyota is also building a battery test center in China for 10 new electric models. The plant will produce batteries for cars with electric motor that Toyota will produce. Toyota is also planning to increase the annual capacity of its nickel metal hybrid battery modules. According to the plan; It is estimated that around 20 thousand batteries will be needed for electric car production in 2020.

Toyota continues to develop new technologies for CO2 reduction, air quality and energy diversity. Toyota aims to reduce emissions by 90 percent in 2010 by 2050, with zero emissions aimed at new automobiles.

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