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Toyota Supra Da will not be a manual gearbox

Thursday, April 5, 2018
The new generation Toyota Supra, which is continuing the test process at full speed, is expected to be a long one. There are many claims about the legend that the concrete information about the car seems to frustrate the waiting for the manual gearbox

Bad news for those who want a manual gearbox on the Toyota Supra. Toyota GT86's chief engineer Tetsuya Tada is a long-time chief engineer at the Japanese mark. Tada shared important information about the new Supra in an interview with Infoseek magazine last week.

Toyota Supra, which sees models as competitors in terms of their characteristics, such as the Porsche 911, is, nevertheless, described as a pure sports car.

Tetsuya Tada shared a very important clue, even if he refused to give details on the technical side of the vehicle. Noting that the new Supra's high torque makes it unsuitable for manual transmission, Tada said the vehicle will be offered with a dual clutch automatic transmission. Otherwise, the weight distribution is arranged as 50:50, so the vehicle will not have a hybrid engine package. Instead of a 450-horsepower 6-cylinder engine, the car will be under the bonnet.

The highly anticipated car was originally thought to be introduced in Geneva, but the Japanese brand introduced the track version of the vehicle and wasted anticipation. According to the proposal, the new Supra Paris in October

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