The XC40, sold around 2000 units a month, is the most successful new model in the UK. These impressive figures are especially important because the XC40 is Volvo's first compact SUV. The new model has already begun to attract customers from brands such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Range Rover.

Since its launch, the XC40 has also been the European Car of the Year and What Car? The Car of the Year received the awards. The XC40 fascinates car users with its sleek performance, quality, style and top-notch safety.

In the UK, the limited edition (1000 units) first-edition XC40 cars sold on the first stage were sold before the franchise.

The XC40 combines an attractive design with modern connectivity technologies, extensive storage and carrying capacity and Volvo's industry-leading security technologies. The model responds to each buyer's expectations with a range of petrol and diesel engines, front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive, manual or automatic gearbox options.

Commenting on the sales performance, Volvo UK Operations Director David Baddeley said: "The XC40 has already proved its success with the awards it has won. This success was reflected clearly in the initial sales figures. As the first cars begin to appear on the roads, we are witnessing a steady increase in interest in fashion. "

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