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The new Audi e-tron charges in 30 minutes

Monday, April 30, 2018
While the Audi e-tron is ready to go out with just 30 minutes of charging, the lithium ion battery offers a range of 400 kilometers with a full charge.

The Faraday cage measures 42 x 32 x 25 meters at the high voltage test site of Siemens' switchgear in Berlin. A team of electrical technicians and engineers at the world's largest switchgear is investigating thunderstorms in tensions reaching three million volts. The parabolic structure produced in 1958 has a home-grown shock voltage generator; The Audi e-tron prototype is in the middle of it. The flash lights are dancing with a current similar to the sparkle on the car's ceiling, allowing it to illuminate the interior of a 25-meter high building. During the exercises, experts pointed a jump throttle to the automobile.

The first car to be able to charge up to 150 kW

This experiment symbolizes something people have dreamed of for thousands of years: catching lightning strikes and using the energy they have. Even today, it is impossible to use lightning energy to charge an electric car. But these engineers are one step closer to transforming their dream of charging at lightning speed. The mass production model of the Audi e-tron prototype is the first car on the market to be able to charge up to 150 kW at charging stations among other automobiles.

In addition to direct current fast charging, this electric SUV can also be charged while on the road with the alternating current from AC charging units. With the SUV on the market, Audi will also provide personal charging services to enable e-tron customers to easily access charging stations in Europe at 65,000 points. A card that customers only need to take advantage of this service. All e-tron customers will be able to benefit from this service with a one-time registration process from myAudi portal followed by a signed individual charging contract.

Charge and navigation system to work integrated

The long-distance trips can be planned either in myAudi application or directly in the car. The navigation system in the UPS will not only account for the charge percentage of the battery, but also the traffic situation and the required charge time.

Audi also offers various solutions for charging at home. Upon request, an electrical technician recommended by the local Audi dealer will visit the customer and perform the installation by checking which charging options are appropriate for his garage.

When used in conjunction with the home energy management system, the charging system also offers intelligent charging features. For example, the prototype of the Audi e-tron takes into consideration the electricity consumption of other household electrical appliances while the household electrical system and the car are charged with the highest output power available. What's more, customers can choose their own personal preferences, such as charging electricity when it is cheaper. If a photovoltaic system is installed at home, the car is preferably only charged using the electricity generated by this system.

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