Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) has accepted Porsche's application to become Formula E producer. This means that the Weissach factory team will continue to develop its own electric motor system, which will be approved in 2019. As announced at the end of July 2017, Porsche plans to be among the teams to compete in the sixth season of the global electric racing series, which will take place at the end of 2019.

The first electric racing car in 2019

"For the past five years, FIA and Alejandro Agag have done a great job," said Fritz Enzinger, Porsche's Vice President of Formula E. We owe it to this development that we will be able to defeat the major race car manufacturers of the world's largest automakers. "

Just as in the successful Le Mans Prototype 919 Hybrid, Andreas Seidl will again be responsible for the technical development and execution of the Formula E program. The potential and performance offered by electric cars is one of Porsche's main agenda items, which is a long story, "said Seidl." The more engineers go, the more impressive they are. We will take delivery of our first car at the beginning of 2019,

engine and power transmission systems in this automobile. Gen2, a highly successful racing car, introduced by Formula E in early March in Geneva. "

Developed for electric cars to be trafficked

The chassis and battery of the design will be supplied by Formula E. On the other hand, the teams to participate in the competition must develop all the components of the engine and power transmission mechanism themselves. This allows Porsche to produce custom solutions for technologies such as cooling systems and ECUs (Electronic Control Unit) in addition to key technologies such as electric motors, converters, electronic braking systems, gearboxes, differentials, axles, suspension components connected to the body and rear axle provide. The energy efficiency of the engine and powertrain mechanism not only plays a decisive role in the race for most of the world's most famous car makers, but also for the development of electric cars that can be trafficked at the same time.

Investment of 6 billion Euros up to 2022

Porsche's entry into Formula E in 2019 will coincide with the concept's launch of the production version of Mission E. The first fully electric Porsche car, the Mission E, will be the most sporty and advanced technology car of its class. Porsche plans to invest more than € 6 billion in electric mobility until the end of 2022.

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