An employee at German sports car maker Porsche was reportedly taken into custody in a recent investigation under diesel manipulation.

According to the German News Agency (DPA) based on a message from Porsche Top Management (CEO) Oliver Blume to the company's employees, a Porsche worker was taken into custody for allegedly blacking out and escaping evidence as part of an investigation into the diesel scandal.
There has not yet been an official statement about the subject.

In other news, the Stuttgart prosecutor's office has announced calls for senior executives of the Porsche subsidiary within the Volkswagen Group as part of an investigation this week that undoubtedly made manipulation of exhaust emissions on diesel vehicles.

In connection with the investigation, the three accused were indicted that one of them was a member of the Board of Directors of Porsche, another was involved in the senior management of the company, and the third person was no longer working at Porsche.

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