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Photosensitive Tire

Tuesday, April 24, 2018
In the future, the tires will clean the air. He will make photosynthesis, absorb carbon dioxide and produce oxygen. Especially in large cities to reduce air pollution.

The tires will no longer just keep the car on the road. At the same time, it will clean the air. The Oxygene concept developed by Goodyear is that the car performs photosynthesis as it progresses and thus improves the quality of the air. The Oxygene concept allows the navel on the road to absorb carbon dioxide through the back hump and feed the seaweed found on the cheeks. By doing so photosynthesis releases oxygen into the air.

This means about 3,000 tons of oxygen production per year and more than 4,000 tons of carbondioxide absorption in a city like Paris, where about 2.5 million vehicles are found.
According to the World Health Organization, more than 80 percent of the people living in cities where air pollution is measured are exposed to air pollution levels that exceed the limits. This shows how important the idea of ​​cleaning the air is.
The Oxygene concept also alerts the user about the drivers on the road as well as maneuvers such as springs, lane changing or braking by changing the colors found on the tire's cheeks thanks to the built-in sensors thanks to the energy generated during photosynthesis.

The production process of this environmentally friendly tire is also completely environmentally friendly. Oxygene is made from rubber powder obtained from recycled tires. The production is done in a 3D printer and it contains a stuffy structure. On this way, while the tire usage is long, it also removes problems such as explosion.
It also helps to absorb the water in the back region of the tire, improving wet road handling performance. It ensures safe driving.

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