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Introduced the BMW iX3 concept in Beijing

Saturday, April 28, 2018
Marks have been organizing around electric cars, but they are making various plans based on 2025. In this respect, it is stated that the vehicles to be presented in the product range in 2025 will mostly be fully electric. BMW has also introduced the BMW iX3 Concept at the Beijing Auto Show.

The BMW iX3 Concept, which is almost identical to the renewed BMW X3 last year, seems to be trying to make a difference with the design of the idle BMW kidney, which the brand has started to use especially in electric concept vehicles. Remember, the performance model that was introduced in recent days and not related to electricity. A similar detail in the BMW M2 Competition model has been tested for the first time in a mass production BMW.

Although the process of joining the two sides of the betrothal kidney is done with black paint, we think that this is an eye surgery operation. In short, we can see the empty kidney design in many different BMW models, especially electric models in the next 10 years. However, it is worth mentioning that; The Kia brand also uses a similar design on the front louvers to introduce the vehicles it recently introduced.

BMW iX3 Concept Technical
Of course, the biggest problem with electric vehicles is that we can call it a range. Among the vehicles currently on sale, there are not many vehicles available that offer a single-charge, medium-range driving range. The 272ps electric motor in the BMW iX3 Concept is powered by a 70kWh battery and the D Segment Crossover offers a range of 400km.

But let's not forget that this range is calculated by WLTP, a very realistic measurement method. For this reason, although 400km is not a bad range at all, it is clear that cities that can only be counted as short distance in the conditions of our country will be able to provide distance travel. In addition, a small number of charging stations in our country is a separate problem. For this reason, we can say that people who usually own their own private garage are interested in electric vehicles.

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