South Korean automotive giant Hyundai continues to work on the 300 horsepower i30 N Fastback. Camouflaged images of the new model that made the users impatient appeared.

While the test is ongoing with the Hyundai i30 N Fastback camouflaged in the camera, ambitious statements from within the brand are raising expectations. The year i moved on to Hyundai's long product line, the i30 Fastback, was perhaps one of the most sensible moves made by a Korean-based manufacturer in recent times.

Promoted from the first day that the popular models by users in Turkey, while imports about our country has not yet experienced an improvement. We are on the verge of an important development for the model which started sales process with the starting price like abroad about 27.000 dollars. The Hyundai engineers, who have carried out a frenzied work on behalf of the N-th performance-oriented version, have approached the end of the process.

According to the Log, 380 horsepower was obtained. Following the Veloster N, the i30 N Fastback, which will be introduced as the third generation of the family, will also be coming after himself and will be the rival of Fiesta ST.

This version is certain to be stronger than the standard i30 N over the statements made by the old BMW M boss Albert Biermann, which is quite ambitious as driving dynamics. Biermann said that during the past year, a prototype version of 2.0 liters has been achieved with up to 380 bogeys, he noted for the time being that such a level is not considered for the mass production band. We will see together how this evolution of Hyundai will be reflected in new products to be realized in the future, while we will be briefly present for the introduction of the camouflaged i30 N Fastback.

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