Located in Auto China, China's capital city, Beijing, Honda was the first to demonstrate the Everus EV Concept as a prelude to the first mass-produced electric vehicle to be developed in collaboration with the GAC.

When we look at the design, we can say that the Everus EV Concept has similar dimensions to the Honda HR-V. In fact, it seems to be the home of the details inspired by this vehicle as a design language. Among these details, the roof line of the similar structure can be counted as the same, the columns B and C, the doors and the rear part.

Honda did not explain how close the serial production model would be to this concept. However, it is said that the local sales of the production model will start at the end of the year. The production version of Everus EV will also be available for use by Chinese car sharing company Reachstar.

The Everus EV Concept, which will be exhibited during the Beijing Auto Show, is considered part of Honda's plans to drive 20 new electric vehicle markets by 2025.

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