Porsche's global sales increased 6 percent in the first quarter of 2018 compared to the previous year. In this period, Porsche, which sold 63 thousand 500 cars, spent its most successful first quarter. Porsche's success was driven by a 200 percent increase in sales of Panamera, which was rolled out in 2017.

Porsche YILA has made a successful start. In the first quarter of 2018, Porsche AG sold approximately 63,500 cars worldwide and increased its sales by 6 percent compared to the previous year. This represents the most successful first quarter on the date of sale of the sports car manufacturer. Panamera and 911 model series in Germany, the main market of the USA, Europe and the company, were the main factors in growth. The highest growth in total sales was in the US market, where sales increased by 10 percent to nearly 14 thousand pounds. Panamera, driven by the model in 2017, showed the highest growth in percentage terms with an increase of nearly 200 percent. In particular, the hybrid segment has made a very positive development: more than 60 percent of Panamera models sold in Europe during the first quarter were hybrid versions.

Being privileged is more important than just growing up

Porsche AG Board Member Responsible for Sales and Marketing Detlev von

Platen evaluated the results as follows: "We are very pleased with this powerful beginning. We hope that by 2018 we will stabilize the high level we reached last year. Being privileged for the Porsche brand is more important than just growing up. With the exception of the development, production and sale of premium sports cars, Porsche is increasingly focusing on electrification, digitalization and connectivity. This year we will also be offering new products and services designed to excite our customers and fans all over the world. The success of our hybrid models has shown us that we can successfully apply the Porsche brand-specific values ​​to this new engine technology. "

The largest market is China

In the first quarter of 2018, China was again the largest market for Porsche. The Chinese market, where more than 18 thousand 600 cars were sold, topped 3 percent in the last year. Porsche sold more than 20 thousand 600 cars in Europe, an increase of 8 percent in this market. Sales in Germany were among the fastest-growing countries: Porsche sold more than 7,700 cars in its main market, with a growth rate of 8 percent.

Porsche's most successful model was the sporty SUV Macan, which sold over 23,000 worldwide. The 911 series also kept car fans alive. At the beginning of the year, Porsche delivered 911 percent more to its customers than 9,600, registering a 35 percent growth in this model series

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