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China's additional tax hit German giants

Friday, April 6, 2018
The 25 per cent tax imposed by China on imported cars from the US will be won by different OEM manufacturers from German giants Mercedes and BMW. Both companies are also given in China for the US giant giant of 100 thousand cars.

Automobiles produced in the United States were reported by Arndt Ellinghorst, an analyst at Evercore ISI, a research firm that would be based on China's additional tax predominantly by German firms. "This is mostly produced in the South and the German automobile giant, especially Mercedes and BMW SUV, There is a tax that will affect the US den export, "he said.

Although China is expected to bring the most Tesla among the taxpayers in the lower income group,

In the German Volkswagen, the Chinese devil produces almost all of the vehicles from China. the manufacturer will change its production in China. BMW South Carolina, Alabama and Mercedes plants. While the two companies export 100,000 units a year, it is estimated that the amount of exports made from factories in the US is about 7 billion dollars.

"This trade is a very important example of the unforeseen consequences of the war," Ellinghorst wrote, noting that the fleet leasing industry is a growing and growing sector over the years and that restrictions can have serious negative effects.

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