Toyota has set up a new company called Toyota Research Institute-Advanced Development (TRI-AD), which aims to accelerate autonomous driving technology. Denso and Aisin Seiki will work with a team of more than 1,000 people, consisting of senior software engineers from around the world.

Toyota has taken a crucial step forward in order to give direction to the technological trends of the day. Toyota, which established Toyota Research Institue, Inc. in North America for artificial intelligence, autonomous driving and robotics research in 2016, signed a new investment of $ 2 billion 818 million with Toyota Aisin and Denso to further increase competition in automotive. threw. The Tokyo-based company, where thousands of engineers will work, is aiming to reach the result quickly, focusing specifically on R & D work required for autonomous driving.

Dr. TRI-AD has been appointed CEO. James Kuffner, automotive industry in a very serious technological transformation process, said: "Toyota's autonomous driving program is a critical success factor is undoubtedly able to quickly develop software in ready-to-produce. The aim of the new company is to fulfill the rapid software development process more efficiently and in detail. We will do this by taking advantage of the best software engineers in the world, as well as the Toyota Group. I am proud to be leading the world's top engineers who will join us from all over the world. "

The newly established TRI-AD company will accelerate the software development process by creating a close working schedule with the Toyota Research Institute and Toyota Motor Corporation. Engineers who will analyze the data and improve their ability to use will direct the final product applications. In addition, TRI-AD, which will provide coordination between TRI and the product development department, will further harmonize the work of research and advanced development departments within the Toyota Group. The talented and successful software engineers in the future, which will be included in the company from all over the world, will also release higher abilities in the Toyota Group.

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