Tesla, who recently hit the automotive and technology world, announces that he has recalled 123 thousand vehicles. In a statement to Tesla customers, it was stated that all Model S vehicles produced before April 2016 were recalled because of the steering problem seen on the brand Model S.

Calcium and magnesium on salted roads in cold weather caused the model S cars to wear out on the steering bolt teeth, the statement said, which could force the driver to drive and park at low speeds.

In the statement that no accidents or injuries have been reported so far on the Tesla vehicle due to the problem, Tesla emphasized that she would contact the customers and make the necessary parts replacement.

Previously recalled more than 140 vehicles Following the announcement, Tesla recorded a 4 percent decline, down from $ 266.13 per share of shares traded on the New York stock exchange, down to $ 255.55 during limited trading hours following the closing of the stock market.

Tesla had previously announced that he had recalled more than 140,000 vehicles for different reasons.

The company recalled 53,000 Model S and Model X vehicles due to a problem in the hand brake last year and 90,000 Model S vehicles in 2015 due to a problem in the safety belt.

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