With a limited number of invitations, the first car in the world to face the users in Istanbul is introduced as Tesla Model X's biggest competitor. There is a big player in the growing electric car fleet. The increasing sales of the British producer Jaguar, both in our country and in the world, resulted in accelerated work for new models. In this accelerating development phase, Formula E, which also uses technology, produced its first electric car. The concept model, featuring Jaguar's futuristic design elements, is inspired by the CX-75 and has a different shoulder line than all Jaguar. In the interior design, the name of this car, which includes items from Land Rover's new design language, is I-Pace. With two electric motors, the 395-horsepower engine and 695 Nm of torque make it look like a sports car. Thanks to the electric motor positioned on both axles one by one, the 4-wheel drive system makes the car an ideal car with its high structure and large luggage space. The car, which has a 50:50 weight distribution thanks to the spread of the car in the middle of the car, promises the best road grip. The car, which has a range of about 450 km outside the power, is also competing with its competitors in this regard. Jaguar, who wants to reduce the factors that affect driving such as friction resistance, is actively steering the wind on the vehicle. With a coefficient of friction of only 0.29 cd on this track, the car is less affected by the wind and can take a longer route. I-Pace, which also features a single-pedal feature, which is the hallmark of electric cars, can also fill up its batteries. Not to mention the acceleration value when talking about engine data. Jaguar I-Pace is the most ambitious value acceleration. The Tesla Model X is 0.1 seconds faster than the P100d and the car is accelerating from 0-100 km / h in 4.8 seconds. I-Pace, which will be sold after July in our country, has a sales price between 86 thousand euros and 100 thousand euros. Jaguar I-Pace, who pre-ordered customers with a charge unit of 1,600 euros, has already ordered 67 people in our country.

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