The 488 Pista, derived from the Ferrari 488 GTE and 488 Challenge racing cars, draws attention with an engine that is more powerful than 5080 and lighter than 1280 kg and lighter than 90 kg. The engine, which won the Engine of the Year award in 2016 and 2017, produces 185 HP of power per liter on a 488 Pista, while the car reaches 0 to 100 km / h in just 2.85 seconds. The aerodynamic joints made to the 488 Pista, reaching a top speed of 340 km / h, increased the horsepower by 20% compared to the 488 GTB.

The F1-Trac, the magnetorheological suspension system, the E-Diff3 differential lock and the world's first-ever caliper brake pressure regulating system and the Ferrari Dynamic Augmentation system offer the world's best models of road handling and braking. ..

In addition to improving the performance of the new model, which means "runway" at Ferrari, Ferrari engineers share the total weight of the car at 1,280 kilograms. This means a significant weight loss of 90 kilograms compared to standard versions. The above values ​​are also good when 90 kilograms of weight loss, 50 hp power and 10 Nm of torque increase are added. The development process is over 488 GTE in the World Championships, and Pista is 20 percent more advanced in this regard. The most important source of this is undoubtedly trunk pieces such as renewed air ducts, spoilers and diffusers. We expect to see the price of the Ferrari 488 Pista, which will perform well in Geneva during the event.

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